HeloVirtual specializes in organizing virtual events including online conferences, townhall meetings, training, and product rollouts for 20 – 3,000 people on your chosen virtual venue. Our team is highly experienced in organizing events a variety of events with clients across multiple sectors. We will handle all your virtual event needs from the platform used to audience communication. So just sit back, relax, and focus on what’s being said while we deal with the rest.

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What can we do for you?

Online Registration

Be it forms or registration platforms, we make the registration processes hassle-free for both you and your guests


Is your event free, charged, or needs multiple payment options? Tell us what we need and we will set it up for you

Reports & Analytics

Receive periodical updates and analytics for your event, such as participant’ details, peak hours and so on

Email Marketing

We help craft and deliver all emails required for the event, including invitations, reminders, and post-event surveys

Database Management

Our team will confidentially handle, store, and process all event-related data gathered throughout the event

App Integrations

From social media apps to registration, we ensure all apps create an enjoyable virtual event for guests.

Live Streaming

From the number of viewers to streaming quality, we will use suitable streaming platforms that best cater to your needs

Webcast Production

We will take care of all your webcasting needs, including live engagement, equipment, and support specialists

Team of Professionals

Our well-trained team is experienced in organizing and running virtual events and can answer all your queries

and other services upon request

Ready to design and execute a virtual event?

Benefits of Virtual Events

Global Reach

Deliver your message to people from all connected corners of the globe from the comfort of your own space

Simplified Processes

Organize your virtual event with our forward-thinking automation tools that simplify any challenges you face

Attendance Tracking

Understand your attendees’ online journey with our attendance tracking tool to gain better event insights

Lower Expenses

Create an amazing virtual event with the same great content for your audience at a fraction of the cost

Instant Feedback

Gain relevant observations, actionable data and continuous feedback from real-time key interactions

Analytical Insights

Generate real-time metrics and patterns from all event activities to provide your event managers with important insights

Measurable Data

Measure and translate all event data to increase ROI and make data-driven decisions for better future events

Highly Convenient

Make life easy for your audience by bringing the event directly to them without the fuss of traveling to event venue


Why Choose HeloVirtual?

Integrated Technology

From virtual event venue to customers’ experience, our team uses various software and applications to make your virtual event successful. We help handle all event processes, including registration, live streams, and engagement.

Experienced Event Team

Our team has a 10-year track record with more than 50 years of combined event management experience. We have collaborated with multiple clients for various events to create a resounding success.


Flexible & Adaptable

Our team is highly flexible in adapting to your needs. Regardless of how big your event is or what type of event you seek to organize, our team will help solve them.

Creative Approach

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but to tailor our services based on specific client requirements. Our solutions aim to be both holistic and to exceed normal expectations.


Need something more specific? Fret not, we are a group of creative event professionals. Speak to us to brainstorm together.